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Raven is a Certified HotPot ITS Instructor and excited to bring this funky, fun, and innovative style of belly dance to the Las Vegas Valley!  She has alot of respect for the time and energy that her instructors from UNMATA, Amy, Kari, and Sarah, have spent on providing their Tough Love Bellydance principles to teaching her ITS.  

ITS stands for Improvisational Tribal Style created by UNMATA.  This energetic dance is all about teamwork, having fun and being actively engaged in the moment.  This style of dance is a nonverbal form of communication where groups can dance together using a specific vocabulary of movements communicating the timing and variations of the vocabulary. 


American Tribal Style® is the root language of ITS.  ITS is a dialect of ATS®.  Level 1 is the foundation of ITS and you will learn from the slow and fast vocabulary of movements, basic formations, and cues. 


For more details, check out the official ITS website.


WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? Wear something you can move and be comfortable in. We will dance the whole hour, so be prepared to sweat. Common gear is yoga pants, tank tops or sports bras. For your feet: barefoot, socks or dance shoes. 

Terms of Service: 
Please note that all registration sales are final. Registration is NONREFUNDABLE.  Please note the expiration dates of the package before you purchase it.  If you are not sure that you can attend all the classes prior to expiration date, please pay the drop-in rate. 


All fees for the class are due before class begins. You may pay by cash or check on the day of class prior to the 6pm or you may use the shopping cart below to purchase via paypal.  The expiration dates are final.  We reserve the right to refuse registration or participation.  Click appropriate class option below. Shopping cart & check out at bottom of this page.

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What is HotPot ITS?

Next Level 1 ITS Session will be announced soon!

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The Zen Den

1800 Industrial Road, #200A

Las Vegas, NV 


Online registration will be available shortly before new session begins.  Feel free to email any questions to Raven at


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